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Introduction to Bulgarian Cooking
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Bulgarian Recipe – Aubergine Moussaka

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This Bulgarian recipe is intended to serve four persons

Bulgarian Cooking Recipe - Aubergine Moussaka

750 gr aubergines
1-1/5 dl oil
1 bigger onion
80 gr rice
1 bunch of parsley
2 dl milk or sour cream

Wash aubergines, peel and cut into slices lengthways, salt and leave to stand for about 30-60 minutes. Then rinse and drain. Heat oil, fry drained aubergines quickly on both sides to brown a little. Add finely chopped onion to the same oil and cook until tender. Wash rice, drain it well and add the fried onion, cook until it becomes glassy, add about 100 gr tomatoes, peeled and cut into smaller pieces, add salt, 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley and warm water. Stew until rice is tender.

Arrange peeled and sliced tomatoes in a casserole, then over them fried aubergines, then rice. Repeat until all is used. The last layer should be sliced tomatoes. Heat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade and bake the moussaka for about 30 minutes and then mix well fried flour, milk or sour cream and eggs, pour over the moussaka, put back into the oven and bake until brown. Instead of rice the moussaka can be prepared with potatoes or cheese.

(Adapted from "The Balkan Cookbook" by Radojko Mrljes, Belgrade, 1987)

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