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Villa Stresov- Luxury Swiss Chalet Accommodations - Borovets Bulgaria Mountain Resort

Borovetz Hotel

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Rent a Room at a Private Villa Instead of a Borovetz Hotel

With a total of 45 km of ski runs varying in difficulty and length, Borovetz attracts thousands of ski and snowboard fans every year. There are ski runs for every level; from beginners to advanced, designed with international markings and multilingual signs. Borovetz has three ski centres: The Central Borovetz ski centre - starting from 1337 m altitude up to 1780 m. The Yastrebets ski centre - from 1340 m up to 2369 m, and the Markudjik ski centre - from 2340 m up to 2550 m.

Before you choose your accommodations in Borovetz for your next ski holiday, carefully compare the quality, ambiance and amenities of the Borovetz hotels, villas or apartments being considered. Villa Stresov is the only 5-star villa in Borovetz. It provides the highest standards of comfort and refinement with upscale features, amenities and genuine personal service. Our villa is for discerning travelers who want privacy, elegance and tranquility - with all the comforts of home.

Villa Stresov: Compare the Value of a Private Villa with a Borovets Hotel!

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