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Villa Stresov- Luxury Swiss Chalet Accommodations - Borovets Bulgaria Mountain Resort

Chalet Borovets

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Luxury Swiss-Style Chalet in Borovets - Villa Stresov

Villa Stresov Luxury Lodging Accommodations- Petkana Guestroom

Holiday Chalet in Borovets - 5-Star Vacation Accommodations

Our chalet in Borovets, The Villa Stresov, is located in the beautiful Rila Mountains. The name Rila descends from the Slavic word "rula" which means "full of water". The mountains are filled with more than 200 lakes and are surrounded by wild mountainous terrain containing more than 2000 different species of flora.

The Villa Stresov is a luxurious holiday chalet in Borovets and you will find that in Borovets, the air is pure and clean, with cool nights, a true delight for nature lovers and those wanting to escape from city stress to a healthier environment. The resort enjoys 150 days of snow cover every year, for the delight of winter sports' enthusiasts. After a day of winter sports fun you can sink into you luxurious bed in one of the Villa's four well appointed bedrooms.

The Villa Stresov: Your Finest Choice for a Holiday Chalet in Borovets!

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