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Introduction to Bulgarian Cooking
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Bulgarian Recipe – Kavarma

Bulgarian Recipe- Shopska Salad Recipe- Bulgarian Cuisine

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Kavarma . . . one of the country's "emblematic" meals.

Bulgarian Cooking Recipe - Kavarma

Kavarma is one of the most popular and well known Bulgarian dishes throughout the country. This dish has a high nutritional value so it is usually eaten as a main course.

Kavarma is cooked in earthenware bowl or dish with lid, which gives the food a unique taste.

800g Pork
500g Veal Liver
5 peppers
4 to 5 onions
1-2 tomatoes
1 cupful mushrooms
1/3 cupful of White Wine
Half a cupful lard or sunflower oil

Cut the meat into small pieces and fry in oil and some water. Add the onions and when tender - the cooked and diced liver, sliced mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, pepper, savoury, wine, salt and some warm water. Stir, pour in an earthenware dish or bowls and bake in a hot oven. Serve with finely chopped parsley.

(Adapted from "Bulgarian National Cuisine" by Plamen Slavchev)

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