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Bulgaria is a Fast Growing Travel Destination in 2004 - January 12, 2004

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Washington post (January 5, 2004) announced that Bulgaria has become the most fashionable destination in Europe. It was also the fourth in the world concerning tourism development rate, immediately after Athens (because of the Olympic Games), Bahamas and Botswana. The Times newspaper (January 3, 2004) ranged Bulgaria among the 2004 tourist top-destinations in the set of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia. Yesterday Jaime Ruiz, the Executive Director of the European Tourism Commission (ETC) stated during the Third International Conference on Tourism "Bulgaria Dream Area" (held in Sofia) that Bulgaria was the fastest growing tourist destination for the year 2003.

Bulgarian Hiking- Borovets Mountain Tourism
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Borovets Mountain Tourism- Hiking Trails in the Rila Mountains