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Villa Stresov – Your Bulgarian Hiking Adventure Home!
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Borovets Bulgaria Attractions :: Hiking

Borovets Villa Vacation Rental

Bulgaria is a walkers' paradise and is home to some of Europe's finest highland scenery. Here, the valleys harbor the kind of picturesque villages with living traditions and folklore that have all but disappeared in Western Europe. Thousands of kilometres of marked trails offer access to remote and beautiful alpine terrain.

Villa Stresov – Your Bulgarian Hiking Adventure Home!

In the spring, summer and autumn, Borovets is the starting point for many hiking tours, including the ascent of Mount Musala, which at 2,925 meters is the Balkan Peninsula's highest peak. Guides are available to take hikers on a wide variety of itineraries in the Rila Mountains which allow wonderful views of the surroundings.

Rila Mountains - Borovets :: Major departure points for hiking

Rila Mountains Lift System- Hiking in Borovets Bulgaria area

Borovets is serviced by a well-organized lift system. The cabin cableway to Mt. Yastrebets is the most imposing one -2363 metres above sea level. The difference in altitude is 1046 m and the length of the route is 4827 m. Its capacity adds up to 1200 people per hour.

The journey takes 23 min. Getting off of the cableway one faces the Paradise of Rila - the highest peaks of the mountain - Mt. Musala, Mt. Malka Musala, Mt. Irechek, Mt. Deno, Mt. Aleko.

Many hiking trails start from Borovets along marked routes to various sites in the Rila Mountains:

    Hiking in the Rila Mountains - Black Rocks
  • to the Black Rocks ( Cheverni Skali ), east of Borovets – easy, ninety-minute walk,
  • The signature hiking route to Chernata Skala, commonly known as Black Rock, takes visitors through century-old pine forests, passing flower-covered green meadows and across small picturesque streams.

    After the leisurely trek, you will find there are plenty of places to picnic while admiring the wonderful view. If this sounds like a bit much then adventurers can go on horseback or by horse drawn carriage.

  • to Mt. Musala – 6 hours,
  • The Yastrebets hotel (4 hour-30min walk or 35 minutes by gondola) is the starting point for the ascent of Mount Musala, the highest peak in Bulgaria (2925m).

    Hiking in the Rila Mountains

    The first leg of the trail (1 hour) brings you to the Musala hut at the foot of the mountain, whence it's an hour and forty minutes' walk to the summit of the mountain.

  • and from the upper station of the cabin cableway – 3 hours,
  • to Sitnyakovo Palace – 1.30 hours,
  • to Chakur Voyvoda Chalet – 2.30 hours,
  • to Saragyol Palace – 3 hours,
  • to the Maritsa Chalet – 4.30 hours),
  • to the Zavrachitsa Chalet – 6 hours.

Rila Monastery Starting Point

The Rila Monastery is a point from which one can set out on several marked hiking routes around the Rila Mountain:

    Bulgarian Hiking- Borovets Mountain Tourism- Hiking Trails in the Rila Mountains
  • To the Ribni Ezera Chalet -4 to 5-hour walk,
  • to Macedonia Chalet -a 5 hour walk,
  • to the Ivan Vazov Chalet - 5 hours,
  • to the 7 Rila Lakes Chalet -6 to 7 hours,
  • to the peak and the chalet of Malyovitsa - 6 to 7 hours.

Timing Your Mountain Activity

The best time for summer mountain excursions is during June, July, August and September when the meadows of the higher elevations are rich in vegetation. For winter climbing, February and March are the most suitable months.

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