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Borovets Bulgaria Attractions

Borovets Villa Vacation Rental
Borovets Bulgaria - All Season Things to Do

For sports and leisure there's alot to do around Borovets: Winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, cross country, snow-mobiling, night skiing & ice skating. Other seasons, enjoy: walking tours, hiking, climbing, tennis, cycling, golf, fishing, bird watching, horseback riding, and water sports on Lake Iskar. Anytime of year, enjoy the night life, restaurants and culture of Bulgaria.

Borovets – Bulgaria's most popular mountain resort area for many reasons..

Borovets lies at the foot of Mount Musala in the northern part of the Rila Mountains at an altitude of 1350 meters, 73 kilometers southeast of Sofia. The resort was founded over 100 years ago by the Bulgarian kings who built a palace and hunting lodges there.

Invigorating Climate & Pure Air

In Borovets, the air is pure and clean, with cool nights, a true delight for nature lovers and those wanting to escape from city stress to a healthier environment. The resort enjoys 150 days of snow cover every year, for the delight of winter sports' enthusiasts.

The name Rila descends from the Slavic word "rula" which means "full of water". The mountains are filled with more than 200 lakes and are surrounded by wild mountainous terrain containing more than 2000 different species of flora.

Borovets is surrounded by stunning natural beauty

Villa Stresov - Your Borovets place to stay while touring the Rila Mountains

Thousands of tourists are drawn to the area by the stunning natural beauty of Borovets with its rugged snow-capped peaks and soft slopes, cool National Forest of towering pines carrying the aroma of herbs and wild fruit.

There are numerous picturesque and impressive spots in the mountains, including the wondrous azure Seven Rila Lakes, and Malyovitsa peak. There are also many species of birds and wild animals. Wildlife includes red deer, wild boar, wild goat, rabbits, moles, and small numbers of bear, fox and wolf.

Bulgarian Folklore Traditions

Many visit Borovets for the cultural connection to the rich Bulgarian folklore traditions of the area, including hearty local food and wine, folklore evenings in private homes, picturesque nearby villages, historic sights and friendly people.

Bulgarian folklore evenings, featuring lively centuries-old rhythms and dances, along with other night-life opportunities such as night-clubs, bars and discos, provide the entertainment, while typical Bulgarian cuisine and world famous Bulgarian wines satisfy the palate.

All-Season Leisure & Sports Activities abound in Borovets!

There are the many exhilarating and fun leisure activities in and around Borovets to be enjoyed year-round:

  • Villa Stresov - Your Borovets Ski Resort place to stay
    For downhill skiers and snow boarders, Borovets offers 18 well kept and lift-equipped ski runs, totaling 40 kilometers in length, descending from a high point of 2,560 meters above sea level, with a maximum vertical drop of 1,420 meters. The ski season runs from December through April with a snow cover of more than 1.5 meters.
  • In the spring, summer and autumn, Borovets is the starting point for many hiking tours, including the ascent of Mount Musala, which at 2,925 meters is the Balkan Peninsula's highest peak.
  • During the summer, Borovets offers walks along scenic routes, including many ski-routes, in groups led by experience guides. Organized trips lead to picturesque spots in the Rila Mountains, such as Seven Rila Lakes, Malyovitsa peak, Musala peak, etc. A photo safari and a visit to the Bulgarian kings' residence of Bistritsa are also organized regularly. Various trips to different tourist attractions throughout Bulgaria are offered as well. Melnik, with its unique pyramids and famous wines, Sofia, Plovdiv and Rila Monastery are among the most interesting ones.
  • Borovets provides a variety of activities like horseback riding, tennis, swimming and bowling.
  • Borovets offers active night life with bars, discos, night clubs, and restaurants with delicious local cuisine.

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